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Digital Communications

Take a peek at some of my favorite projects as a producer and manager of all things Digital.

BritsOnBromptons Episode 3 at Tea & Sympathy

As the Digital Lead for the British Consulate General of New York, I launched the social media series BritsonBromptons. In the series, the Deputy Consul General and other diplomats bike through New York City, exploring iconic NYC landmarks with British ties.

In this episode, we did some Christmas shopping at Tea & Sympathy, a British restaurant with a companion shop featuring imports from the UK.

TV Streaming Ad for Pop On Veneers

As the Associate Creative Director and Lead Video Editor of Pop On Veneers, I scripted and edited this advertisement which ran on Hulu, CNN's streaming service, and other TV-streaming platforms.


During my time with the British Consulate General of New York, I've had the hono(u)r of photographing members of the Royal Family, UK Ministers, high-ranking military officials, and various Arts and Culture events throughout the city.

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